Best Books and How to prepare for Pharmacist Job Exam – All Tips

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Candidates for DSSSB pharmacist, ESIC pharmacist, Railways Pharmacist, RRB pharmacist exam etc face common questions like How to prepare for government pharmacist exam and best books for pharmacist job exam. So we are giving best books and preparation tips for pharmacist job exam.

The pattern in various pharmacist exams are different. Some exam give equal weightage to pharmacy and non pharmacy parts, some give different. Rajasthan pharmacist exam till now only asked pharmacy questions.

 Pharmacist Exam Pattern 

ESIC pharmacist, Railways Pharmacist, state pharmacist etc exam pattern is commonly same and paper consist of two parts, technical and non technical.

Questions Ratio is different for different exams.

Like in ESIC technical part is of 100 marks and 100 question while non technical is 25 marks for 25 question.

In RRB pharmacist exam 70 questions will be from pharmacy and other 30 non technical. Syllabus and Important subjects for RRB pharmacist exam

In DSSSB latest pharmacist exam, ratio was 100 marks for both parts.

In CGHS new pattern 40 questions are from technical part while 60 are from general knowledge. CGHS Pharmacist Exam Syllabus And Pattern

Pharmacist paramedical government job exam has objective questions. So preparation tips and best books list for pharmacist exam are given accordingly.

  Best Books And Strategy For Technical Part 

In technical part pharmacy subjects are asked. In most pharmacist exams pharmacy subjects constitutes the major part of the exam, so technical part is very important. Now let us see which guide and what books are good for technical paper

Best Guide for Pharmacist Exam

You should buy two guides for pharmacist and drug inspector exams.  They will help lot. Guides are cheaper than coaching. Guide will have some good compilations useful for every pharmacist exam.

  1. Piyush Guide for Drug Inspector and Pharmacist Exam Piyush Pharmacist Guide on Amazon
  2. Pharmacy kit is also a fine book. You can check it here Pharmacy Kit on Amazon
  3. Advanced Entrance Guide For Pharmacist Exam By Birla Advanced Pharmacist Entrance Guide By Birla On Amazon

If you have any two of above three then enough.

• What to study: Read the guide as per syllabus. For example CGHS pharmacist exam do not ask pharmacognosy and pharmaceutics now.

 Do not waste time on medicinal chemistry part for most pharmacist job exams. 

For ESIC pharmacist exam you can prepare basic structure of common drugs only. No synthesis etc.

Other Books For Detailed Study

CGHS, DSSSB, ESIC pharmacist exam are diploma level generally . After once completing diploma books you can follow the strategy below. Please note that Pharmacognosy is not asked in CGHS exam.


Preferred Book: Essentials of medical Pharmacology by KD Tripathi

• What to study: First do introduction chapters for basics. Then focus on classifications, mechanism, toxicity and antidotes, name side effects like red men syndrome, grey baby syndrome etc. Then look what differentiate a given drug from other drug in same class orr what makes it special. Like how a second generation antibiotic differ from first.
• All chapters are to be done many times. Still important chapters are antimicrobials or antibiotics, anticancer, cholinergic and adrenergic, Hypoglycemic drugs , heart and blood chapters, hypnotics, NSAIDs


Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics by Brahmankar. Do this thoroughly.

Pharmaceutical engineering by cvs subrahmaniam
• What to study: Do applications of mills , driers etc

Physical Pharmaceutics by CVS subrahmaniam
• What to study: suspension, emulsion are important

Theory and Practice of Industrial Pharmacy –Lieberman & Lachman
• What to study: Tablet defects are important and also tables in book for various additives are important

Other pharmaceutics topics

• Distegraton and dissolution tests, Prescription abbrevations



Pharmacognosy by C.K Kokathe, purohit and gokhale
• classification tables alkaloid, glycosoids, resins, major tests, plant hormones


A Textbook of Forensic Pharmacy – B M Mithal or any good book
• What to study: years, members, definitions, schedules

Hospital Pharmacy and Drug store management

Any good book of the subject. You can buy these two.

For hospital and clinical pharmacy latest edition of PC  dandya book is also fine.

Anatomy and Pathophysiology

• Heart, blood group and nutrition chapters from any good anatomy and physiology, like Book By gandhi

Pharmaceutical Analysis

Uv, visible, IR, chromatography and titration basics only

Other Topics To Study

• Basics from Good inorganic chemistry book

Previous Papers

• What to study: dsssb paramedical, esic paramedical, railway paramedical and gpat previous year papers

Download DSSSB, GPAT, ESIC etc Previous year Paramedical Papers for Practice

 Best Books For Non Technical Part 

Most pharmacist Job exams pattern show that they will ask questions about general awareness and logical reasoning etc. Prepare this part also as per syllabus of your exam. Below is the strategy and best books list to prepare non technical part.

General awareness & GK

Lucent general knowledge by Arihant latest published edition is a must if your general awareness is not good

Wish to do static general knowledge more thoroughly ? you can refer following books

Polity for UPSC by laximikant
NCERT old editions of history books
Economics by ramesh singh
Geography Of india by khullar
Science and technology by spectrum

Departmental GK

If you are preparing for DSSSB exam get gk book for delhi, For ESIC study about ESIC, For ITBP pharmacist exam study about paramilitary forces. For state pharmacist exam read that state gk.

For Current Affairs

One year current affairs from Partiyogita Darpan

Quantitative Aptitude

Fast Track Objective Mathematics by Rajesh Verma


Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning by R.S Aggarwal


Kiran previous Year SSC Papers. Introduction chapter is very useful

Objective English by Sp bakshi

Any simple high school grammar

Previous papers

Please note for non -technical part practicing is even more important. You can use previous papers of banking to practice for reasoning, quantitative aptitude and English.
For practice of general awareness prefer SSC previous year solved papers chapterwise by kiran prakashan



All the best, prepare for your pharmacist/ paramedical job exam with heart. Suggestions for improving this post are welcome

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  1. Can piyush drug inspector book helps for all the gvrmnt exams of pharma and also for drug inspector as well?please suggest … Is it ok to follow piyush alone instead of birla series ?

    1. no, because birla series or pharmacy kit have objective questions. Get atleast one of them for practice. For drug inspector prepare as per syllabus, some topics from internet also.

    1. Gpat exam has different syllabus and orientation. But yes pharmacology etc are same. Instead Piyush you may use pharmacy kit and guide by Birla. They are good for practice and cheaper.

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