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Pharmacy GPAT in 2015 was conducted by AICTE.  So we are providing Pharmacy GPAT 2015 unsolved and solved  paper here with answers. In the end of  the post we will provide you links to download complete solved GPAT 2015 question paper with answers.

Before we provide you solved pdf First lets see some  questions from GPAT 2015

Slugs are prepared in which kind of granulation technique?
A) Wet granulation B) Dry granulation C) Steam granulation D) Melt granulation

What does it mean that a cell is polyploid?
A) That is contains more than 2 copies of one or a few of its chromosomes
B) That is contains more than 2 copies of a full set of homologous chromosomes
c) That is contains more than 2 copies of its sex chromosomes
D) That is contains more than 2 copies of its autosomal chromosomes

Polymorphs in pharmaceutical solids are detected by which technique?
A) MS B) LC-MS C) Solid state NMR D) Coulter counter

which of the following are characteristic for colloid mills?
P) Due to centrifugal forces, the mill undergoes periodical vibratory movement
Q) Particles smaller than 1pm can be obtained with them
R)The main types of colloid mills are hammer, turbine and dial mills
s) The principle of their operation is based on the abrasion of high speed

What is/are use/s of phenol coefficient?
A) To compare a disinfectant’s killing efficacy to that of phenol
B) To determine the dilution at which the disinfectant is to be used
C) To determine the purity of disinfectant.
D)All of the above

Each of the following is a glycosaaminoglycan EXCEPT one. Which one is exception?
A) Chondroitin and dermatan B) Heparan and heparin
C) Hyaluronic acid and keratin D) Keratin and chitin

A series of acylureido penicillins like azlocillin, mezlocillin, and piperacillin are superior because of
A) reduced acid hydrolysis B) increased B-lactmase resistance
C) improved penetration through the cell envelope D) Slow rate of metabolism

When HLB value of surfactant is 10 to 11, it is best as:
A) Solubilizer B) O/W emulsifier C) WO ernulsifier D) DeterEent

‘sparging’ is the process where:
A) silanol groups react with trimethylsilyl group
B) an inert gas is bubbled through the solvent reservoir to remove dissolved gases
C) solvents are mixed together in a fixed ratio
D) column is washed with solvents from nonpolar to polar order and reverse

What is the minimum age prescribred for registration of pharmacist?
A)17 B) 18 c) 21 D) 25

ln the diagnosis of myasthenEa gravis, only one of the following drugs will be used as a drug of choice:
A) Neostigmine B) Pyridostigmine C) Physostigmine D) Edrophoinum

Which of the following causes arterial and bronchial constriction and platelet aggregation:
A) Prostaglandin E, B) prostaglanding F2alpha C) Prostaglandin D, D) Thromboxane A

which of the following is correct about parentral nutrition?
A) Parentral nutrition solutions are hypertonic solutionsand lV fluids are isotonic
B) Parentral nutritionsolutions and lV preparations are isotonic solutions.
C) Parentral nutrition solutions are hypertonic solutions and lV fluids are isotonic
D) Parentral nutrition solutions can be supplemented with medications


Download GPAT paper 2015 paper pdf from Links Below

The links below provide the complete papers with 125 questions

Unsolved paper: GPAT 2015 question paper Unsolved for practice  

Solved paper:  GPAT 2015 paper Solved paper with answer 

Solved paper is with answers ( no answer key, but right option is selected for each question)

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