DRx and RPh, Meaning, Fullform And Use

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DRx And RPh are abbrevations used as prefix and suffix respectively by some clinical pharmacists.

The use of these increased after pharmacy Practice act 2015 was notified and state like Madhya Pradesh allowed clinical Pharmacy practice.

There is no Official Specific Title or Prefix alloted or Approved Yet By Pharmacy Council of India to be used by Registered Pharmacists.

The DRx full form is DRug eXpert . A Drug Expert, who can consult patients about drug therapy in an effective and safer way.

RPh Stands for Registered Pharmacist.

Pharmacists in india are currently engaged in quest to bring pharmacy professionals the respect and work environment they deserve. Using DRx, fighting cases for cadre creation, cases for pay increase, pharmacists giving essential medicines, advocacy for more respectable and useful role in healthcare, etc. are steps in this direction.

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    1. yes offcourse, but in a job you seldom need to use it. Like doctors only display RMP when they are practising privately. In jobs it is understood that you are registered.

  1. Swapnashree shivhare

    Yes of course…. Hbsag is not a communicable disease…. U can do whatever you want to do in ur lyf….

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