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    Question: what is the working condition in jail department for pharmacists. Is it really rigorous or it is perceived to be so.
    if there is no doctor available can pharmacist attend patients in the emergency at odd time in Jail premises.
    If any patient is critical then it is whose responsibility(doctor/pharmacist) to treat/refer the patient(prisoner).
    What is the service conditions for a Jail pharmacist.
    Is it 24 hrs job or only 6 hrs job as in dispensary /civil hospital.

    (This is the question asked by krishna gupta, we have posted it as forum topic)



    Answer: Pharmacists working conditions are rigorous in many government hospitals too because more posts and counters need to be created, same with most jails or prisons. Pharmacists duty are same in prison as in hospital or dispensary. Pharmacist manage medicines stock and dispense the drugs after proper prescription assessment.

    Treatment is the responsibility of doctor, pharmacists role starts after prescription is written. Job hours will be same as dispensary or hospital i.e 6 to 8 hours.

    Also please note that question was not related to post, so we have create the topic. You can comment here get more doubts solved.

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