Medical Tests For Recruitment To The Government Jobs

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Medical examination is done prior to appointment on any government job.  This post discuss medical tests performed for the posts of Medical officer, Drug Inspector, Pharmacist, Nurses, Technician, Ayush Doctors etc for central government and state government departments.

Similar tests are also conducted for other civilian posts like clerks, LDC, auditors, accountants, engineers, teachers, class D employees . In the end we will also give tips on how to prepare before the medical test.

Physical efficiency fitness tests such as running etc  are required in security forces and allied services . This post will only discuss the medical tests and not the physical fitness tests like running etc.

Below is the list of Basic medical examinations performed before recruitment to paramedical and medical posts.

List Of Medical Tests

Height and Weight Measurement:

Minimum height and weight are taken generally at beginning of every medical examination. Medical and paramedical posts do not require minimum height etc but  still this helps to keep the records and also to determine if the height weight ratio is normal.   The candidate will be weighed and his weight is recorded in kilograms.

Urine test : 

This test is simple test. Urine sample is taken to detect any abnormality. Takes 5 minutes.

Blood Test: 

Blood test before fasting and after fasting also done to detect any abnormal fall or rise in blood cells which happen during several diseases. This test can also be used to detect HIV.

Blood pressure: 

Blood pressure is measured and noted in your medical examination. The Candidate should try not to get over stressed otherwise the doctor may ask more questions and may conduct further tests.


Simple Test for monitoring the activity of heart.

Lungs Test:

Lungs are checked with a stethoscope or spirometer. During test the doctor may ask you to breathe normally or at a faster rate.

Diabetes Test

Some departments conduct this test to rule out presence of the Diabetes Mellitus.

ENT Test:

Ear, Nose and throat are checked by an ENT specialist to detect if they are functioning normally.

Eye Checkup:

Candidates are required to read eye chart from a distance. eye chart have alphabets of different sizes . You need to read with one eye closed and both eyes open. If you are using Spectacles then you will be asked to read with and without spectacles.

For colour blindness you will be required to identify numbers written as coloured dots in coloured background.  Please remember some pages have no alphabets.

X-ray and Ultrasound:

There is a chest X- ray to examine presence on abnormality in respiratory and skeletal system  . Upper body ultrasound is being carried by doctor specially to check if the both kidneys are at right position.

Examination for Hernia:

Sometimes doctor only ask about if you have hernia, or he may examine you personally. This is the exam where some candidates need to remove some clothes.

To Do Tips Before Medical Test


  • You do not need to panic if you do not have any serious disease or condition.
  • Strict  eyes standards are applicable only in security forces and related departments. The eyes standards are also strict  for railways posts such as drivers, trackman, gateman, etc. Normal eyesight using spectacles is good enough for other jobs.
  • Hygiene is very important for a medical exam for good impression.  do not forget to take bath, your body nose ear etc should be clean.
  • Shirt buttons  and other hard things interfere in the x-ray. For x-ray prefer wearing T shirt , because it is not necessary to take it off. 
  • It is better if you take eye check up and blood pressure test before medical examination.  it helps you to prepare for colour blindness test. and blood pressure test help you monitor your stress level.
  • If you have any blood pressure problem start daily meditation  in it calm environment immediately after your result. this will help you a lot in relieving stress.
  • Sometimes you may need to take off some clothes. Like during ECG you may have to lift up upper clothes. Wear clean under – clothes  and under garments during medical examination to avoid embarrassment.

Good Luck For the Joining 🙂

161 thoughts on “Medical Tests For Recruitment To The Government Jobs”

      1. Sir I have hiv and syphilis but I’m on treatment for hiv and for syphilis i have already taken treatment but as u know vdrl test takes time to come back negative again If I get selected to the post of nursing officer in govennment will they give me medical fitness or not and if not then why? Pls answer…

    1. your stones are small and can be easily cured. Consult homeopathy doctor and allopathy doctor both for quick desolution of stone. If Authorities says you are unfit just write a application requesting re medical opportunity after suitable time interval. You will be cured by then.

  1. Sir i have hiv and syphilis but i m taking treatement.. Can i prepare for govennment job as nursing officer will they give me medical fitness or not pls tell..???

    1. during government job medical if syphilis is detected they could give you time to fully cure it and come back again for medical. Syphilis is curable. so you will be given an opportunity.
      They always do blood test but for HIV central government already declared in court that HIV test is not mandatory for government job. So you can refuse this test if asked.

      1. But sir if I refuse for hiv test then if they don’t recruit me what will be my next action and how can i get the job

  2. Sir kya SSC chsl mein select hone ke Baad clerk post ke liye medical test mein herpes ka test bhi hota hai . Aur agar ye positive paya jata h to kya hota hai . Please reply sir please.

  3. Hello sir,
    i am color blind for red and green color. is it creating problem in Upsc Drug Inspector medical test. should i prepare for exam or change it ?

  4. Sir nan friend ge andashaya ondu doddadide mattondu sannadide ….idarinda yavude samasye innu aagilla ….aadare govt job medical test ge tondare aaguvude …mattu parihara ideye?

  5. Sir my leftside eye has blurred vision due to injury when I was 5 year old.and my right side eye is good so should I apply for drug inspector job am I eligible for it ….sir please help me out with your kind information iam suffering and lots of confusions
    But drug inspector is my goal
    Is there any way that I can do

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