PCD Pharma, Meaning And Full Form

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PCD in its Full-form means Propaganda-Cum-Distribution. PCD term in pharma is used for marketing and distribution rights in the Pharmaceutical industry.

PCD pharma Companies are those companies, which provides products to its franchise partners and also monopoly of marketing and distributorship rights for the given geographic area or location.

The PCD pharma Company which give products, brand name and support to its franchise partner is also called the “pharma franchiser” or “PCD pharma franchise company”.

The individual or group who receives marketing and distribution rights from the PCD Pharma Company is called Franchise or “Franchise partner” of the company, for the particular geographic area.

Benefit to PCD Pharma Company is that it can expand its brand reach into market with funds and support of franchise.

Benefit to Franchise partner is that , they can start their business with monopoly rights in the given area with quality products and without establishing own pharma company which requires more money.

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