Pharmacist New Cadre And Revised Salaries In Karnataka

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In a move towards justice for pharmacists, Karnataka State government has approved new designations and salaries for pharmacists of the state. Pharmacists of the state under Karnataka State Government Pharmacists’ Association (KSGPA) had started strikes and agitation for their valid professional demands.

The new cadre has renamed pharmacist post as pharmacy officer.  Graduate pharmacists will be promoted to deputy chief pharmacy officers. Below we are giving you new cadre and Pay Scales as per the notification.

Old DesignationNew DesignationLatest Pay Scale
PharmacistPharmacy Officer20,650 –  46400
Senior PharmacistSenior Pharmacy Officer30,352 – 58250
Deputy Chief Pharmacist43,100 – 83900
Chief PharmacistAssistant Director Of Pharmacy52,652 – 92100

Further Karnataka Government Has given hope the Drug Information centers and Pharmacovigilance Centers will be established with qualified pharmacists in each district hospital.

It should be noted that pharmacy education and courses are backward in our country due to PCI apathy. It just require a 2 year diploma to become a pharmacist in India. Many colleges provide pharmacist degrees without requiring  regular attendance and PCI keeps blind eye to such practices.

Pharmacy education,  reputation and pay-scales can only be improved; and uniform cadre in country can be created only if PCI management rise above personal interests to make quick, reformatory and well intended efforts.

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