Pharmacy Courses In India. Fees, Eligibility And Scope.

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If you are interested in Pharma field you can do courses ranging from diploma to doctorate. The job opportunities are different for each pharmacy course. so we are providing list of pharmacy courses  and will examine every course one by one. You will know which course suits you more.

Diploma course is suitable only for retail pharmacy. B pharm is a degree course and suitable for manufacturing, research, pharmacy practice etc. Masters level courses are specialisation in the chosen field.

 D. Pharm 

Eligibility For D.Pharm:

D pharm or diploma in pharmacy is the basic pharmacy course. This is a 2 year course.. Eligibility of D.pharm is  12th class in science stream. PCM and PCB stream both can do D.pharm. So if you have math or biology in science stream you can apply.

Fees And Admission:

Admission is through entrance exam but practically speaking nowadays many colleges admit without  entrance exam too. The fees range is from 1 lakh to 1.5 per year in private colleges and upto 50000 in government college.

Scope Of D. Pharm:

if you do D pharma from PCI approved college you can register as a pharmacist with the pharmacy council of state and then practice pharmacy privately or apply for government jobs. Jobs are available in private retail pharmacy chains which currently do not pay much salary. government job is good, but mostly required to your experience after the course. some jobs are also available in pharmaceutical marketing sector. this course is good if you want to open your own Medical Store. If you want something else more than opening medical store then B pharm course is much better.

 B. Pharm 

B pharm or Bachelor of Pharmacy: this is the degree course in pharmacy this course is a 4 year duration with 8th semester.

Eligibility For B. Pharm:

B. Pharm is also done after 10 + 2 with science stream. After D.pharm also you can do B. pharm. D. Pharm candidates get direct entry into the B. Pharm second year.

Fees And Admission:

the admissions are through entrance examination and fees range from 70000 to 90000 per year. Sc/St students get fees back, also women candidates get fees back in some states.

Scope Of B. Pharm:

B Pharm students study a lot of subjects ranging from pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, medicinal chemistry ,organic chemistry, Hospital pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, drug store management, jurisprudence pharmaceutical chemistry, analytical chemistry, etc. So B Pharm graduates get chance for proper knowledge in varied Pharma sectors. Scope of this course is much wider than D Pharma.

B Pharma graduates can work in production, marketing, drug regulatory affairs, retail pharmacy quality control medical underwriting etc.

Also in modern times it is better to B pharm course because pharmacy practice rules 2015 has mandated evolved role for the pharmacists.  Pharmacists will now do prescription evaluation and patient consultation. this kind of responsibility requires that pharmacist are well qualified. Higher qualification is also good for future promotions. Pharmacist cadre is already applied in some states and will be coming in most state soon . States like Punjab required graduate degree for pharmacist job. So diploma course could become absolute in near to medium term future.

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 M. Pharm 

Eligibility For M. Pharm :

Master courses are specialisation courses. M pharm is done after b pharm. if you want good subject for m pharm and good college then You should qualify the GPAT. GPAT also allow you to claim the scholarship. this is 2 years duration course.

Fees And Admission:

fees of M pharm could be as low as 50000 in government college and more than 2 lacs per annum in private college.

Scope Of M. Pharm:

scope of M Pharma depends on college subject and skills. this course is suitable if you want to go into research, or emerging fields fields of pharmacovigilance, market research etc.This course is also necessary if your future ambition is to pursue PhD.

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 Pharma Management 

Eligibility For Pharmaceutical Management:

Pharma Management or MBA can be done after B.pharm. CAT and GMAT etc are the tests you need to qualify for mainstream MBA. If you want to do pharma management from NIPER then CAT etc are not needed, you will need to clear NIPER JEE entrance Test.

Fees And Admission:

Admission is after tests, direct admission without experience is possible after B. Pharm but it will not be in first line institutes. Correspondence courses are available but are not recommended for a fresher. Fees range from 1 lakhs to 2 lakhs per year.

Scope Of MBA :

MBA general or specialised Pharma management have good scope after b pharm. Pharma Industry all pharma sector in India is big this sector is also with in world so Pharma management for MBA after the farmer makes a good combination. if you do management from a reputed Institute you can start with manager position in pharma company. Pharma management and MBA also good scope in market research and consulting company. Consulting companies are among highest payers. you can choose Indian college or even foreign College for MBA degree.

 Pharma D  

Eligibility For Pharm D:

Pharma D can be done after 12th class stream. After 12th or diploma  pharm D has 6 years duration. If done after B. Pharm then Pharma D has 3 years duration.

Fees And Admission:

Admission is available through entrance and directly. Fees is around 2 lakhs per annum in private college and 50000 in government college.

Scope Of Pharm D:

common course in USA but was introduced in last decade in India. Objective of this course was to focus on clinical pharmacy to contribute more in hospital pharmacy setup. but this approach did not work because B. Pharm also equip these skills also to a certain extent. Also Pharma D scope is limited to the clinical setup. Scope also exits in clinical trials and medical underwriting. Many pharm D graduate struggled to get private and government jobs. this course would have worked better if b pharm and pharm D Course were properly differentiated and clinical practices like West were forced in healthcare In India . Currently this course is not good enough in Indian scenario, but good for working in foreign countries, and M. Pharm from good institute is preferred for India.


Eligibility For PhD:

PhD in pharma subjects can be done after after M. Pharm. Net qualified candidates are preferred at best institutes.

Fees And Admission:

Admission is through NET score. Fees in government college is around 50 thousand per annum. In private college over 1 lakh per year.

Scope Of PhD:

those who are those who are interested in research Field or want to make their career as official should do PhD after M Pharm. duration of your PhD will range from 4 to 7 years or even more . During PhD the NET qualified candidates also get scholarship, some universities also provide scholarship. After PhD if you join government college as assistant professor you will get good salary this is a class A job. even after PhD you can continue and 2 post doctorate. after post doctorate you can work as professor and get even more salary. you can also get a job as scientist in private and government organisation.

 Certificate courses 

Various certificate courses in patents, clinical trials, pharmacovigilance, quality control and regulatory affairs etc are available for pharmacy professionals.

Eligibility For Certificate Courses:

Certificate courses ranging from 6 months to 1 year duration can be done after B. Pharm, M. Pharm, Pharm D or even phD.

Fees And Admission:

Admission is through entrance exam or interview. Fees range from about 50000 to 2 lakhs  depending on institute and duration of course.

Scope Of Certificate Courses:

Certificate courses can be done with or after pharmacy education. These are suitable for both working and non working professionals. Objective of these courses is to equip necessary skills in the chosen field to make candidate more suitable for the particular kind of job. These courses enrich resume and also upgrades knowledge in limited time. Often institutes providing such course tie up with industry to for finding suitable candidates thus are placement oriented.

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Diploma course is suitable for those who want to open their own drugs store. B. Pharm is suitable for those who want to do some job or open own pharma company. M. Pharma helps to get better job in industry. Pharm D has now started getting jobs in some big private hospitals and; also in fields like pharmacovigilance and clinical trials. Very suitable for foreign countries also.  PhD is suitable  if you target research or some best academic institutes as lecturer or professor. So choose course as per your priorities.

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