Welcome to new platform, bug fixes and more features soon

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we have moved to a new platfrom. Soon we will be adding new features, we will be fixing some issues within a week. We will be updating you about new  website structure and features soon.

Some important features are:

Two areas for posts

  1. blog posts and updates at HOME PAGE are posted my the pharmagang team and belong to various categories. Members are free to comment on posts.
  2.  Discussions: Discussion forums like pharmacy discussuin forum are the communities where members can post there questions , or share any information by creating new topics .
  3. you can now use pharmagang as social network. Add friends, create groups, message privately, mention other users in comments and topics etc.
  4.  you can subscribe to weekly email updates for new blog posts by pharmagang, Also follow particular forum topic of your interest by using subscribe button in discussion forums.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to new platform, bug fixes and more features soon”

  1. we shifted to new platform about 25 days ago. Bug fixes and achieving perfection take time.
    We are commited to provide best experience so we are trying to make pharmagang user friendly day by day.
    positively we are near, few design changes remain and we will be able to do that within two weeks only.


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