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Pharmagang.com platform is being operated as a community cum Information source. Targeted for professionals in pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry particularly. This website platform seek to address varied areas of concern for them.

Pharmagang.com as a community guides its members and visitors on pharma related concerns like education, career, legal and other.

Pharmagang.com as a resource platform strives to regularly provide updated practical information and resources to professionals.
Here the administrators and community members will enrich it day by day to make more relevant for healthcare and pharmaceuticals, especially in India.
We strive to stay responsive to the needs of our visitors and accordingly will keep adding value.

Brain behind Pharmagang.com
Pharmagang.com is possible with support from members and stakeholders. However the initiative was taken by Himanshu. He has done M.S Pharm from National Institute Of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Mohali, India.

In his words “Since the beginning of my pharmacy education, I have noticed that the information and communication channels available to Indian pharmacy professionals are not sufficient. Information is not well organized, and often fell short of the practical use. This situation is faced by all pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals. Let me give one example, when I was giving government exams, I was trying to connect with fellow aspirants to stay updated with the exam and recruitment cycle. I was disappointed not to find the fellow aspirants through Google Search Engine, unlike other professions. Pharmagang.com address needs like this and much more”

Pharmagang.com operational ownership with effect from February 2017 belongs to his father and sister.
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