Hospital Pharmacy And Clinical Pharmacy Notes PDF

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Books and notes of clinical pharmacy and hospital pharmacy are in great demand for the pharmacist exam. We are providing good book of clinical pharmacy and some notes of hospital pharmacy here.

The notes below are useful for CGHS , ESIC, GPAT  and other pharmacist competitive exams. Please note the real credit for these goes to authors who wrote and provided them online. We are just making them easily accessible here on candidates demand.

Clinical Pharmacy Notes

We are providing a good clinical pharmacy book here. The books is in detail so it will take time to study. If you are short on time, we suggest you must study at least the blue boxes . Boxes contain the key points. Clinical Pharmacy book is also very useful for working professionals.

Clinical Pharmacy Book PDF:

Clinical Pharmacy Book Download


Hospital Pharmacy Notes

We are providing a Hospital pharmacy notes here authored by a lecturer and also a chapter from some book. The notes are short and to the point. If you want to read more on the topic you must also buy a hospital pharmacy book written from Indian prescriptive. You can find recommended books for pharmacist exam here

Recommended Books For Pharmacist Job Exam

Hospital Pharmacy Notes PDF Download:

Note 1 Hospital Pharmacy Note

Note 2 Hospital pharmacy Chapter

For more notes and other useful downloads please visit Downloads section of pharmagang.

Good luck for your exams.

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