List OF Schedule C and C1 Drugs And Formulations

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The Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945 contains provisions for classification of drugs under the given schedules and there are guidelines for the storage, sale, display and prescription of each schedule.
These Schedules Contains various biological products and their regulation.
Here is the list of Schedule C and C1 Drugs in India

[Rule 23, 61 and 76 and Part X]

1. Sera.
2. Solution of serum proteins intended for injection.
3. Vaccines for parenteral injections
4. Toxins.
5. Antigen.
6. Antitoxins.
7. Neo-arsphenamine and analogous substances used for the specific treatment of infective diseases.
8. Insulin.
9. Pituitary (Posterior Lobe) Extract.
10. Adrenaline and Solutions of Salts of Adrenaline.
11. Antibiotics and preparations thereof in a form to be administered parenterally.
12. Any other preparation which is meant for parenteral administration as such or after being made up with a solvent or medium or any other sterile product and which—
1. requires to be stored in a refrigerator; or
2. does not require to be stored in a refrigerator.
13. Sterilized surgical ligature and sterilized surgical suture.
14. Bacteriophages.
15. Ophthalmic preparations.
16. Sterile Disposable Devices for single use only.

[Rule 23, 61 and 76]

1. Drugs belonging to the Digitalis group and preparations containing drugs belonging to the Digitalis group not in a form to be administered parenterally.
2. Ergot and preparations containing Ergot not in a form to be administered parenterally.
3. Adrenaline and preparations containing Adrenaline not in a form to be administered parenterally.
4. Fish Liver Oil and preparations containing Fish Liver Oil.
5. Vitamins and preparations containing any vitamins not in a form to be administered parenterally.
6. Liver extract and preparations containing liver extract not in a form to be administered parenterally.
7. Hormones and preparations containing hormones not in a form to be administered parenterally.
8. Vaccine not in a form to be administered parenterally.
9. Antibiotics and preparations thereof not in a form to be administered parenterally.
10. In-vitro Blood Grouping Sera.
11. In-vitro Diagnostic Devices for HIV, HbsAg and HCV.

We will compile all rules and regulations related to schedule C and C1 drugs in separate post.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    We want to setup manufacturing plant for veterinary drugs and suspension along with external drug and disinfectant.

    Kindly provide the list of license we required for the same.

    Currently we are manufacturing feed supplements for livestock and poultry.

    Thanks & Regards,


    1. We can help you for setup manufacturing plant including following category:
      1) cream
      2) Ointment
      3) Gel
      4) Lotion
      5) syrup and Suspension
      6) Disinfectant
      7) antiseptic Liquids
      8) Alcohol Based Products
      9) Floor, Toilet Cleaners

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  2. Dear sir,
    I find this portal to be informative and very useful, Thank you sir.
    I know only Hindi and English language. I am eligible for which states for DI exam ?
    also if i have worked for 18 complete months as a QA/QC analyst in manufacturing unit of C/C1 schedule, will they easily provide us the experience certificate or its depending on terms and condition whether to give certificate or not?

    1. you are eligible for all north indian states like up, uttranchal, himachal pradesh, rajasthan and; central states like madhypradesh, bihar, jharkhand .
      How easily you get experience certificate depends on your rapport with them. Just Ask them nicely. It is your right , does no depend on conditions.

  3. Thank you so much for such a humble reply. So shall i clear my purpose of joining the job is for experience certificate only, i mean at the time of interview before joining the job. Plz answer this final confusion sir.
    Thank you.

  4. Dear sir, I’ve worked in bioanalysis of blood and plasma samples of BA/BE studies, can i get schedule C exp certificate?

    1. no because testing if schedule c and c1 drugs here means the quality assurance of drugs , not their level in blood or plasma. In drug testing only experience from approved laboratories is valid.

  5. Sir, How to know that my company is formulating or testing the C nd C1 drugs.. ‘M very confused.
    Can you make a list of industries in this category?


    1. Almost all national level companies make vitamin, antibiotics or injections. Many small companies also manufacture them. Hundreds of such companies exist in India. visit this link to see some names . There are many others.
      When you go for any interview Just see the company website or ask somebody if the company manufacture antibiotic or vitamins, and try getting into that department.

  6. Sir i work in pharmaceutical company about 5 yrs experience in Manufacturing chemist and i have done Bsc in pharmaceutical chemistry .How can i apply for competent technical staff approvel.plz tell me briefly.

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