Pharmacist Cadre: Odisha Pharmacist Service Rules 2019

In march 2019 Odisha government has published notification, officially implementing the pharmacist cadre service rules in the state of Odisha. Now pharmacist in Odisha can be promoted up-to the level of Assistant director.
Odisha Pharmacist rules have created posts of senior pharmacists, chief pharmacist, assistant director pharmacist. Promotions will not be time bound but will depend on the number of vacancy and selection exam, after minimum service years conditions are satisfied.
It will have to be seen how many vacancies are created at each level. Entry grade pay or qualification is not upgraded so most pharmacists will not benefit. It seems only few will benefit from promotion that too after putting enough years of service.

Catch Points From Odisha Pharmacist Service Rules 2019

  • First Promotion to senior pharmacist could be possible only after 10 years of service. That too depend on number of vacancies. After 10 years of service employees are entitled to MACP, so no monetary gain at this stage.
  • If promoted to chief pharmacist, that will increase grade pay by just one level. With entry pay being low even chief pharmacist do not get much in term of professional respect or salary.
  • Few posts of Chief pharmacist, and numbered posts  of assistant directors counting to fewer than fingers of hand, could not provide justice to pharmacist community.
  • Responsibilities are not defined. Senior pharmacist and chief pharmacists should be given decisive roles in quality control, selection and purchasing of drugs.
  • Without increased entry pay, fixed percentage of vacancies at lower promotion levels, atleast one time bound promotion for higher qualifications,  and without well defined professional responsibilities at various levels; these rules seems to be too little and too late.

See the complete notification below:
[embeddoc url=”” height=”33%” download=”all” viewer=”google”] Pharmagang urge pharmacist to unite for uniform and respected entry pay for pharmacist all over India. Joint Efforts should be made for proper cadre system and implementation of pharmacy practice rules 2015.

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