Pharmacy Council Of India (PCI) Strongly Object To Schedule K Amendment

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Pharmacy Council Of India has officially sent its objections to the health and family welfare ministry against schedule K amendments. This has come in the backdrop of wide criticism of amendments by pharmacists all over the country.

 Proposed amendments are ill conceived, abolish pharmacist role, and expose public health to the multitude of risks. 

Schedule K has exemptions which allow supply of medicines by persons other than registered pharmacists. Ministry has proposed amendments which in practice eliminate the need of  qualified pharmacist in healthcare.

PCI has made its position clear against schedule K proposed amendments. The letter issued by PCI is being widely appreciated because it is well intended, well framed and supported by the facts.

The main PCI objections are against following provisions:

  1. Allowing ASHA workers to supply medicines.
  2. Allowing supply of medicines in health and wellness centers in the absence of pharmacists.
  3. Including Urban areas in the exemptions.

The complete letter by PCI can be read below:

Download Link: Download PCI Objection to schedule K as PDF

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