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GPAT in 2013 was conducted by AICTE. we are providing Pharmacy GPAT 2013 paper here. In the end of  the post we will provide you links to download complete solved GPAT 2013 question paper with answers.
Before we provide you solved GPAT 2013 pdf, First lets see some unsolved questions from GPAT 2013.

Which of the following cholinomimetics activates both niuscarlnic and nicotinic receptors?A) Lobeline B) Pilocarpine C) Carbachol D) Bethanechol
Adverse effect of cerivastatin is
A) higher risk of rhabdomyolysis
C) Hepatic disorder
D) Hemolytic anemia
What is mechanism of aprotinin?
A) lnhibits carboxypeptidase
B) lnhibits plasminogen
C) lnhibits plasmin
D) lnhibits plasminogen activator
Absolute alcohol is prepared from spirit by
A) Distillation B) Azeotropic distillation C) Fractional distillation D)All of the above
A compound with an -OH group and -OR group bonded to the same carbon atom is
A) an acetal B) a hemiacetal C) a simple ether D) an aldol
The chelate, EDTA 4, can be described as what type of chelating ligand?

A)Bidentate B) Tetradentate C) Hexadentate D) Tridentate
Living cells are negatively charged inside primarily because of
A)ATP, organic acids, and other negative molecules that cannot escape..
B) removal of sodium ions, which are positively charged, by the Na-/K pump.
C) extrusion of Ca2* ion, which is much more concentrated outside a cell than inside.
D) cell membranes that are more permeable to potassium than sodium.
Which of the following drugs requires administration on an empty stomach?
A) Naproxen B) Levothyroxine C) Prednisone D) Nitrofurantoin
Heckel’s Plot represents
A) Extent of plastic and ela-st.ic deformation of material during compaction
B) Forcetime or force-displacement relationship
C) Pressure-porosity (volume) relationship
D) Stress relaxation measurbments
lf an organic compund does not absorb UV visible radiation it means compound does not contain
A) Single bond B) Sigma bond C) Conjugated double bond D) Dative bond
Which of the following parameters is/are important in determining bioequivalence?
A) Tmax
B) C max
C) AUC and C*
What does the Hammett substituent constant (o) measure?
A) The steric effect of a substituent B) The electronic effect of a substituent
C) The hydrophobic effect of a substituent D) The effect on pH of a substituent
Which of the following phytohormone usually acts as bud inhibitor?
A) Gibberlin B)Cytokinin C) Zeatin D) lndole Acetic Acid
What useful information can be found from a Van Deemter Plot
A) Optimum selectivity factor B) Optimum mobile phase flow rate
C) Optimum column temperature D) The capacity factor
Aromatase is an enzyme complex that is the target for several anticancer drugs’Which of the following anticancer drugs targets aromatase?
A) Cyproterone acetate B) Raloxifene
cl nminogtutethimide D) Testosterone propionate
Vinca alkaloids that are used in combination therapy to treat a variety of tumors. How do cancer cells normally gain resistance to these agents?
A) Mutation of the target structure
B) Overexpression of the carrier protein called P-glycoprotein
C) lncreased metabolism of the drug
D) Decreased ability of the drug to enter target cells
A set of closely related genes or genetic markers that are inherited as a single unit is
A)Cistron B)Genefamilies C) Haplotype D)Haploid
Which one of the following is used in the Ames test?
A) E.coli B) StrePtococcus aureus C) Pseudomonas aerogenosa D) Salmonella typhimurium

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