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Pharmacy GPAT in 2014 was conducted by AICTE.  So we are providing Pharmacy GPAT 2014 unsolved and solved  paper here with answers key. In the end of  the post we will provide you links to download complete solved GPAT 2014 question paper with answers.
Before we provide you solved pdf First lets see some  questions from GPAT 2014

The disintegration time of the.effervescent tablets is:
A)2 minutes B) 2.5 rninutes C) 3.5 rninutes D) 5 minutes
The local anaesthetic with highest cardiotoxicity is:
A) Lignocaine B) Bupivacaine C) Levo_bupivacaine D) Procaine
Linctus is used to treat:
A) Gingivitis B) Cough C) Mouth ulcers D) Tooth ache

What is co-trimoxazole?
A) Sulfamethoxazole + trimethoprim, 3:1 B) Sulfadoxine + pyrimethamine
C) Sulfamethoxazole + trimethoprim, 5:1 D)sulfacetamide, sulfathiazole, and sulfabenzamide
All of the following are leaf constants EXGEPT:
A)Vein-islet number
C) Stomatal number
Zinc chloride is added to mouth wash because it acts as
A) Fragrance – B)Astringent C) Cooling agent D) Antibacterial
The choice of route of administration plays an important role in action of directly cholinomimetic. Adverse effect of choline esters that may be avoided by selection of appropriate route of administration is:
A) Bradycardia B) Hypotension C) Delirium D) Sweating
 Sieve size 80 has opening of:
A) 0.100 mm B) 0.125 mm C) 0.150 mm D) 0.’180 mm
The ideal saponification value for suppository base is:
A) 50-100 B) 100-150 C) 150-200 D) 200-250
Which of the following is/ are marine anticancer?
A) Trabectadine B) Eribulin C) Cytarabine C) All of the above
ldentify the compound which is derived from tryptophan.
A) Pilocarpine B) Ephedrine C) Muscarine D) Quinoline
which of the antihistaminic compound has antiandrogenic effect?
A) Famotidine B) Ranitidine c) Nizatidine D) cimetidine
 which of the following drug is used preferentially as preanesthetic medication?
A) Midazolam B) Oxazepam C)Alprazolam D) Nitrazepam
Proton Pump inhibitors are most effective when given:
A) half hour before meals B) with meals
C) after prolonged fasting D) along with H, blockers
According to DPCO, what will be the profit percentage that can be gained by retailer?
A) 10 B) 12 c) 14 D) 16
 As per Scheduie M, what is the minimum area required for capsule manufacturing in the manufacturing Premises?
A) 150 m2 B) 60 m2 C) 30 m2 D) 25 m2
ln the Reimer-Tiemann reaction reacts with phenol to give the ortho’formylated product.
A) carbene B) carbocation c) carbanion D) free radical
Which of the following iS not added tb chewing tablet?
A) Glidant B) Disintegrant c) Lubricant D) Antiadhesive
The enzyme is EC What is this enzyme?
A)cr-amylase B) alanine racemase C) pyruvate dehydrogenase D) DNA ligase
A powerful inhibitor of stomatal opening is:
A)Auxin B) cytokinin c) Gibberelin D) Abscisic acid
Condensation of aldehyde (or ketones) with o-halo ester in presence of zinc metal to give p-hydroxy.ester is:
A) Reformatsky reaction B) Dieckmann condensation
C) Claisen condensation D) Aldol condensation

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Unsolved paper: GPAT 2014 question paper Unsolved for practice  
Solved paper:  GPAT 2014 paper Solved paper with answer 
Solved paper is with answers ( no answer key, but right option is selected for each question)
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