GPAT 2016 Solved Previous Year Question Paper

GPAT in 2016 was conducted by AICTE. Previous papers are important for 2019 GPAT paper practice. So we are providing Pharmacy GPAT 2016 paper here. In the end of  the post we will provide you links to download complete solved GPAT 2016 question paper with answers; and some other important links for GPAT.
Before we provide you solved pdf First lets see some unsolved questions from GPAT 2016

If the given drug is absorbed by passive diffusion what will be its ‘absorption kinetics?
A) Zero order B) First order C) Second order D) Pseudo-zero order
Which of the following is delayed type of hypersensitivity reaction?
A) Arthus reaction B) Penicillin sensitivity C) Tuberculin sensitivity D) ABO incompatibility
Methyl ether of erythromycin is-
A) Clarithromycin B) Dirithromycin C) Azithromycin D) Mithraniycin
Ebullioscopic method is based on which of the following observation?
A) Freezing point depression B) Boiling point elevation
C) Osmotic pressure change D) None of the above
The ethanolic solution contaminated with benzene showed absorbance of 0.69 at 26onm in a 2 cm cell. If the molar absorptivity of benzene in ethanolis 230 M-1cm-1, what is concentration of benzene in the solution?
A) 0.003 M B) 0.0015 M C) 0.001 M D) 0.015M
Drugs (Price Control) Order 1995 and related orders from time to time are enforced by:
Which of the. following is a side effect of ACE Inhibitors?
A) Sinus congestion B) Angina C) Cough D) Hypokalemia
Which one of the following is a solid dosage form excipient which can play the role of a diluent, a disintegrant, a glidant, a lubricant and a pore/channel former?
A) Lactose B) Microcrystalline cellulose
C) Ethyl cellulose D) Eudragit RL 100
Oseltamivir is an antiviral drug. It produces its action by inhibiting which enzyme?
A) DNA polymerase B) Neuraminidase C) lntegrase D) Protease
Drug Z is a depolarizing neuromuscular blocking agent effective for the treatment of
pinworm. Identify drug Z.
A) Pyrantel B) Paromomycin C) Praziquantel D) lvermectin
Within how many days a pharmacist should dispense diluted aqueous mixtures?
A) 7 days B) 14 days C) 21 days D) 30 days
What molecular feature is penicillin G is said to mimic?
A) Disaccharide of N-acetylmuramicacidN-acetylglucosamine
B) N-acetyineuraminic acid
C) The pentapeptide moiety of five glycine units
D) The dipeotide moiety D-Ala-D-Ala
In NMR spectrum, a signal is observed as a triplet. What will be the ratio of relative peak
areas in this signal?
A) 1 :1 :1 8) 1 :2:1 C) 1 :3:1 D) 1 :4:1
At pH 5, the ratio of the protonated to unprotonated forms of morphine pKa 7 would be:
A) 1:100 8) 1:10 C) 10:1 D) 100:1
What structure is formed if the acyl side chain of penicillin is hydrolysed?
A) Penicillenic acids B) Penillic acids
C) 7-Aminopenicillanic acid D) 6-Aminopenicillanic

Download GPAT paper 2016 paper pdf from Links Below

The links below provide the complete papers with 125 questions
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Solved paper with answers GPAT 2016 paper SOLVED

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