GPAT 2017 Previous Year Solved Paper Download

GPAT in 2017 was conducted by AICTE. Previous papers are important for  GPAT paper practice. So we are providing Pharmacy GPAT 2017 year paper here.

In the end of  the post we will provide you links to download complete solved GPAT 2017 question paper with answers and all other previous papers.

Before we provide you solved pdf First lets see some unsolved questions from GPAT 2017.

Which among the following describe the characteristic features of tetracyline?
A) Forms minocycline in basic medium,
B) Forms anhydrous tetracycline in presence of acidic pH range
C) Undergoes epimerization in solutions having intermediate pH range
D) Forms stable chelate complexes with potassium ions
The most commonly used test of sensitivity to antimicrobial agent is:
A) Kirby- Bauer techniques C) Qudin procedure
B) lmmunodiffusion techniques D) Ouchterlony procedure
All ths statements about dantrolene are correct EXCEPT:
A) It is a nitropheny! furfurylidene derivative. C) It is an imidazoline analogue.
B) It is a pyrazoline derivative. D) It is a skeletal muscle

Which of the following alkaloidal drugs is used in the treatment of migraine?
Atropine B) Ergotamine C) Vincristine D) Cocaine

In a free radical reaction, free radicals are formed at:
initiation step B) propagation step C) termination step D) Both A and B

According to drugs and cosmetic.act 1940, which literature is included into the Siddha system of medicine.
Vrinda Chikitsa B) Yog Ratnakar C) Arka Praksh D) Nagmuni

Product _ _ and Promotion are four ‘P’s of marketing.
Price and Place B) Place, Process C) Production, Process D) Price, Production

Bulk product is defined as:
A) a product ready for final dispatch
B) product completing all processing stages but not n necessarily final packing
C) raw material used formaking final dosage form,
D) a defined quantity of raw material from the same batch

Which fatty acid is not synthesized in th.e body and has to be taken from the diet?
A)Palmitic acid B) Linoienic acid C) Oleic acid D) Stearic acid

As per l.P. if the solubility range of a solute is 30 to 100 parts, it will be:
A) Soluble B) Freely soluble C) Sparingly soluble D) Slightly soluble

Which gum is isolated from endosperm?
A) Sterculia gum     C ) Guar gum
B) Tragacanth and acacia gum D) Xanthan and gellan gum

Antioxidant used as blocking agent in sterile product is:
A) Ascorbic acid esters C) Ascorbic acid
C) Sodium bisulphate D) EDTA

Which functional group is present in the molecule shown below?
A) Alcohol B) Amide C) Ether D) Ester

Which of the following conditions is treated with benztropine?
A) Parkinsonian disorders C) Huntington’s disease
B) Atropine overdose 0) Tardive dyskinesia

The techniques as gas chromatography and liquid chromatography are not appropriate for separation amino acids. Choose the correct reason from the following.
A) Amino acids are low polarity substances C) Amino acids are non polar substances
B) Amino acids high polarity substances D) Amino acids lowly charges substances

Match the nephrotoxic drugs with their mode of action of producing nephrotoxicity.
Aminoglycoside antibiotics 1. Glomernlar abnormality
ACE inhibitors 2. Tubular epithelial cell damage
Methotrexate 3. Hemodynamic mediated kidney injury
NSAIDs . 4. Obstructive nephropathy
A) a -2; b -3 ; c -4; d – 1 C) a – 3; b – 4; c – 1; d – 2
B) a – 1; b – 2; c -3; d – 4 D) a -4 b -1′ c – 2· d – 3

Surface tension is categorized as a/an __ factor.
Intensive B) Extensive C) Tolerance D) Capacity

According to USP which dissolution is included as Type IV dissolution apparatus?
A) Paddle type C) Reciprocating cylinder
C) Paddle over disk apparatus D) Flow through cell

Using Young’s rule, calculate the dose for a 5 year old child if the adult dose is 340 mg.
450 gm B) 340 gm C) 150 mg D) 100 gm

Which of the following chemical class of drugs is susceptible to oxidation?
Sterols 8) Lactam C) Esters D) Carbamates

If the drug substance has been substituted wholly or in part by another drug or substance, it is called as __ drug.
Adulterated 8) Spurious C) Misbranded D) Mixed

Methanolic extract of a crude drug powder when treated with magnesium turnings and concentrated hydrochloric acid turned the solution magenta coloured. The test is:
Vitali Morin 8) Van Urk’s C) Keller Killiani D) Shinoda

The conservation of animals, ban on their hunting, their utilization in the experiments and is governed by Which act?
A) The Medicinal and Toilet Preparations Act, 1955
B) The prevention of cruelty to animal act, 1960
C) The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940
D) The Pharmacy Act, 1948

One of the principles upon which HPLC detector functions is:
A) Fluorimetric detector has high selectivity and low sensitivity.
B) Redox property of solute is the basis for functioning of Electrochemical detectors
C) Small difference in Refractive Index of mobile phase permit precise measurements.
D) Refractive index detectors

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Unsolved paper: GPAT 2017 question paper Unsolved for practice  
Solved paper with answers ( no answer key , right option is selected with each question):
Download GPAT 2017 paper solved

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