GPAT 2018 Previous Year Question Paper Solved PDF

GPAT in 2018 was conducted by AICTE. Previous papers are important for 2019 GPAT paper practice. So we are providing Pharmacy GPAT 2018 paper here.

In the end of  the post we will provide you links to download complete solved GPAT 2018 question paper with answers; and some other important links for GPAT 2019.

Before we provide you solved pdf First lets see some unsolved questions from GPAT 2018
Which of the following about the Varicella-Zoster Virus (yZV) is NOT true?
i. Varicella develops after an individual is exposed to VZV for the first time
ii. Herpes zoster develops from reactivation of the virus later in life
iii. There are no vaccine for this virus
iv. The infection results in post-herpetic neuralgia

Hemophilia A is a disease characterized by deficiency of:
1) Factor VIII 2) Factor II 3) Factor VII 4) Factor V
Which of the following is NOT a gene associated with breast cancer?
1) BRCA1 2) HER2 3) BRCA2 4) CHRM1

Which of the following fluid can. be considered as an ideal fluid? 
1) Viscous fluid 3) Compressible fluid
2) Non-visoous fluid 4) AU of these

Which of the following agencies is not classified as an ‘executive agency’ for administration of the act under the provision of Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940?
1) Licensing authority 3) Drugs Consultative Committee
2) Drug inspectors 4) Customs collectors

The following is NOT true for furosemide:
1) Causes hypokalemia 3) Causes hypomagnesemia
2) Causes hypouricemia 4) Acts by inhibiting sodium reabsorption

The enzyme HMG·CoA reductase is involved in the pathogenesis of:
1) Atherosclerosis 3) Alzheimer disease
2) Renal failure 4} Parkinson disease

Rheumatic heart disease is caused by:
1) Streptococcal infection . 3) Abnormal lipid metabolism
2) Excessive lipid consumption 4) Atherosclerosis

Galactose and Glucose are:
1) Epimers 3} Isomers
2) _Anomers 4) Ketose-Aldose isomers

Which of the following is NOT true about the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)?
1) Spreads through human-to-human transmission via direct contact
2) Antiviral drugs are approved by FDA to mitigate the infection
3) Diagnostic tests include ELISA
4) The virus is named after a river

Hypodermoclysis refers to which route of drug administration?
1) Sublingual · 2) lntradermal 3) Subcutaneous 4) Intravenous
Which of the following is a shortest acting cholinersterase inhibitors enlisted below?
1) Neostigmine 2) Pyridostigmine 3) Edrophonium 4) Physostigmine

Which of the following is a suitable antidote for mercury poisoning?
1) Atropine 2) Dimercaprol 3) Naloxone 4) Nalorphine

Histamine concentration is highest in:
1) Beta cells 2) Mast cells 3) Lymphocytes 4) Adipocytes

Select the B·lactamase inhibitor.
1) Griseofulvin 3} Sulfamethoxazole
2) Clavulanic acid 4) Tetracycline

The mechanism of action of ciprofloxacin is inhibition of:
1) protein synthesis by interacting with 30s ribosome
2) protein synthesis by interacting with 50s ribosomes
3) DNA synthesis by interacting with topoisomerase
4) cell wall synthesis

Which of the following is NOT CORRECT for myasthenia gravis?
1) Down regulation of nicotinic receptors (Nm) leads to myasthenia gravis
2) Tubocurarine is used to treat myasthenia gravis
3) It is an autoimmune disorder
4) Thyrectomy is treatment option for myasthenia gravis

Which of the following describes the effect of.sodium cromoglycate?
1 ) Mast cell degranulation 3) Leukotriene antagonism
2) Mast cell stabilization 4) Glucocorticoid receptor agonism
Which of the following side effect of ACE inhibitors result from inhibition of bradykinin breakdown?
1) Analgesia 2) Hyperglycaemia 3) Productive cough 4) Dry cough

Identify antihistamine drug with additional serotonin receptor blocking activity and good appetite stimulant property.
1) Cyproheptadine 2) Cimetidine 3) Ranitldine 4) Chlorpheniramime

Which of the following are the mechanisms of action of digitalis glycosides?
i. Inhibition of Na+-K+ ATPase enzyme.
ii. Reduction in the auriculo-ventricular conduction rate.
iii. Increase in the cardiac output.
iv. Acceleration of auriculo-ventricular conduction rate.’
1) Only iii
2) i, ii and iii
3) ii,.iii and iv
4) Only i

Appropriate hybridization schemes for the C atoms in molecule CH3COOH are:
1) sp3 and sp 2) sp3 and sp2 3) sp2 and sp 4) sp3 and sp3

In Universal indicators, a pH of 7 is shown with:
1) Yellow color 2) Green color 3) Blue color 4) Pink color

Which statement regarding Huckel’s rule is FALSE?
1) There must be (4n + 2) pi {n) electrons
2) The molecule must be planar
3) The molecule must be cyclic
4) Each of the pi (rr) electrons must be associated with a conjugated double bond

Anthracene is isomeric with:
1) Phenanthrene 2) Naphthalene 3) Benzene 4) Azulene

The molecular formula of phenanthrene is:
1) C14H10 2) C12H10 3) C14H14) C14H8.

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