RTI to UPSC For Including Pharmacy As Optional Subject

RTI to UPSC For Including Pharmacy As Optional Subject, For IAS And Related Exams

This RTI was submitted to UPSC by team pharmagang
Respected Sir/ madam,
This application is regarding absence of pharmaceutical  sciences/pharmacy as optional subject in UPSC civil services examinations. Pharmacists are facing grave injustice, career of many had been compromised because they loose out on opportunity to clear mains by getting good marks in optionals. Candidates from other streams and relevant professions get 3 years to 6 years or even more years of optional study in their regular college education itself, getting good knowledge and practice even before they apply for UPSC. Like a engineering student already study UPSC optional syllabus in graduation. Why not pharmacist then get the equal chance. Please answer below questions for my RTI .
1. On what basis pharmaceutical sciences is not included as optional ?
2. Was pharmaceutical science ever considered to be allowed as optional ?
3. When will be UPSC evaluate the demand of including pharmaceutical science as optional ?
4. what is the authority, address, contact, to which we should submit our request of including pharmaceutical science as optional?
5. Medical science optional is entirely different from pharmacy education. Is it wrongly assumed to represent the pharmacy professional’s interests?
6. UPSC provide optional for Arts, humanities, science , engeenering , veterinary, medical education etc. Except pharmacy can you point out injustice to any other deserving and relevant field kept out of optionals list.
7. Will this entire application be forwarded to the appropriate authority to seriously examine the case and take right step in direction
8. Are optional going out any soon
9. Do you have any other information about the above issue. Please provide.
UPSC replied that questions asked does not counts as informaton under rti act,  these pertains to policy matters and does not come under RTI. Also there is a committe looking into future format of the exams.
This is all we got from upsc reply.

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