Salary Of Government Pharmacist In India As Per Sixth And Seventh Pay Commission

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I am giving the pharmacist salary figures according to the 6th and 7th pay commission at various pay scales for ESIC, CGHS, Railway  MCD, DTC, and various state pharmacists.

The easiest method to find your salary is by looking at grade pay and in most cases multiply it by 10 to get in-hand salary, but this is not always true.

In most of the Central Departments, Delhi government, and some other State departments, pharmacists are appointed at the pay-scale of 2800 . After two year probation pharmacists appointed at grade pay 2800 ( level 5) are promoted to grade pay of 4200 ( level 6). This is the case in CGHS, NDMC, ESIC hospitals etc

Pharmacist Starting salary at grade pay scale of 2800

Let’s first see salary as per sixth pay commission. Starting salary at grade pay 2800 for two years was 35000. This was gross salaray of government pharmacist in category A cities like delhi , mumbai banglore etc. About 5000 is cut,mostly for provident fund and some for health benefits etc. So entry level starting salary was about 30000 in-hand .

For B category towns reduce 1500, reduce further 1500 for C category very small town, and further 1500 for rural area to calculate approximate starting salary.

Now  seventh pay commission is implemented by most departments, so 2800 grade pay scale give about 45000 gross salary and about 40000 in hand to Pharmacist. 

So starting salary now is 45000 approx now.

Structure of pharmacist salary at Entry Level 5 as on December 2017

Basic Salary at Level 5 = 29200

HRA in category A town 24% of Basic = 7008

Transport allowance plus DA on it=  3600 + 180

Hospital patient Care Allowance = 4100

Dearness allowance 5% = 1460

Gross Pharmacist salary is  45548 rupees

(In cities like Delhi , Mumbai etc)

In category B towns Salary is lesser by about 3500

In other categories further lesser by 1500 or So.

Pharmacist Starting salary at grade pay scale of 4200

Now come to grade pay 4200. This grade pay is given from first month in DTC, but mostly the people with grade pay 2800 are promoted to 4200 after two years.

Starting salary at grade pay 4200 for pharmacist was 42000 . This was gross salary of government pharmacist in category A cities like delhi , mumbai banglore etc. About 5000 is cut,mostly for provident fund and some for health benefits etc. So in-hand entry level starting salary was about 37000

For B category towns reduce 2000, reduce further 2000 for c category very small town, and further 2000 for rural area to calculate approximate starting salary.

Now  seventh pay commission is implemented by most departments . 4200 grade pharmacist pay scale will give you about 57000 gross salary and about 52000 in-hand after two years of working at 2800 grade pay, this include 3 percent increment every year.

Structure of Pharmacist salary at  Level 6 after probation 

Basic Salary at Level 5 = 35400

HRA in category A town 24% of Basic = 8496

Expected Dearness allowance in 2019 January 10% = 3540

Transport allowance plus DA on it=  3600 + 360

Hospital patient Care Allowance = 4100

Service Increments in 2 years, 6 % of 29200 =  1752

Gross Pharmacist salary is  57158 rupees

(In cities like Delhi , Mumbai etc)

In category B towns Salary is lesser by about 3500

In other categories further lesser by 1500 or So.

Further as per your department policy you will be entitled to further promotion in about 10 years to grade pay 4600.

Lower salary of pharmacists in many states departments

Many states departments on the other hand give much less consolidated salaries. Say10000 to 15000 for pharmacist, like in gujarat, westbengal etc. Contract pharmacist also draw salary in this range. If lesser grade pay like 1900 is mentioned multilied it by 10 to get state department pharmacist approximate salary. So for states pharmacist see notification of post vacancy if you will get entry pay of 2800 or you will get less salary.

Government pharmacist basic pay increase 3 percent every year, and allowances are revised with inflation rate.

Further there is good chance that in future pharmacist will draw higher grade pay , because currently they are underpaid as per qualification, and reforms are bound to happen. In midterm future there are chances that pay scales of pharmacists will increase.

Please note that above government pharmacist salary figures are approximate values.
Also your salary will vary about +- 1000 rupees from above figures due to different allowances in different departments.


69 thoughts on “Salary Of Government Pharmacist In India As Per Sixth And Seventh Pay Commission”

  1. Comments from old website platfrom:

    August 2016
    Hii will this salary be applicable to delhi govt pharmacists? and my grade pay is 2800 .. are there any chances that i will get promoted to 4200 grade pay???

    August 2016
    my department is health and family welfare govt of NCT

    August 2016
    Rinkita, every pharmacist get promoted to 4200 after 2 years

    August 2016
    Thank u rekha ji 🙂

      1. who don’t give. 4200 is sixth pay commission recommendation. mcd accepted sixth pay commission and now giving 7th pay. Pharmacists do not get it because of wrong approach. they think they need approval for this. this is already approved . You just need to ask mcd to prepare your bills correctly as per 6th pay recommendation.
        sorry to say most pharmacists have negative attitude. they got something due to effort of handful committed pharmacists , but still fail to take their due to ignorance of their rights and inactivity.

  2. Comments from old website platfrom:
    rinkita very happy with salary 😀 i finished b.pharma can i fill pharmacist form for delhi. i am from up

    August 2016
    abhi tak koi latest govt vacancy ka form out nhi hua hai…

    August 2016
    @rchaudhry you will need experience certificate of 2 years as pharmacist . Till form come you can get neccessary experience and then apply in delhi or esi hospitals

    October 2016
    seventh pay commission pharmacist salary is applied in MCD, delhi and center

  3. Umesh.B
    January 2017
    Hi my self umesh working in bangalore ccras depart i am completed 4 and half years but my grade pay is only 2800. Its is change to 4200 or not plz clarify my doubt.

    January 2017
    Mine is autonomous body(ministry of ayush) please tell whether i get 4200. this june i will complete 5yrs service

    January 2017
    Ministry of Ayush is an central ministry. So recommendation of fast track committee should apply. With few CCRAS pharmacists send your grievance to ministry through official channel, attached with copy of committee recommendations.

  4. Hi myself manoj i am working in RBSK NHM Program in himachal pradesh. But working at low salary of 8910 rupees. Wt about our sallary. How can i know and apply for 7th pay commission

    1. Salary of pharmacist in CGHS and railway is same as shown in post.
      In India pharmacist salary is about 45000 at grade pay 2800 or level 5. After probation salary is about 55000 in metro cities.

      1. Salary is as discussed in the post. In starting in metro cities cghs Pharmacist get around 45000 salary. After two years probation CGHS pharmacist get about 57 thousand in big cities.

  5. hey.can someone tell me the starting salary of govt. pharmacy in delhi.
    Its urgent because last date of application submission in DPSRU is 30th june
    please help

    1. Salary of government pharmacist in delhi is 46 thousand.And after two year probation about 56 thousand. But please note vacancy open in 3 – 4 years . But after b.pharm you will have opportunities in private sector too till vacancy comes.

      1. How many hospital or retail store experience required after b.pharma for try central pharmacist exam.

      2. If the vacancies are available in govt. Jobs.Can I get the job right after completion the course of pharmacy? Or there is any kind of experience required for govt. Job.

      3. What will be in hand salary in delhi cghs pharmacist in 2800 grade pay. In ur other post it is 45000 m confused how it can be can u explain plz. As i search on google in 2800 grade pay inhand will be 30 to 35000 inhand

      4. phamagang is specialist for pharma and healthcare. Information here is still limited because we are new, but reliable.

        Sources of our information are mostly real or factual, and not just internet. So you could trust us more than other sources you discover on google. Information here is updated time to time.

        29200 is the basic pay and rest of salary is due to allowances such as hra, da, hpca and ta. A new appointee will not get the da, da will be applied after each six months and it starts with zero. Still gross is 44000 in metro cities and in hand after provident fund cut is again about 40000. In small cities salary is lesser as we informed in the post.

  6. MP govt employs regular pharmacists at a grade pay of rs 1900/- in a scale of rs 5200 in all its departments.
    Now recently it is approved by executive order from the cabinet to be at 2400/- but it is yet to be published in gazette notification.
    With this can we expect GP to be at par with our central govt counterparts.
    Also if there is any possibility to have implemented the said committee’s recommendations in mp as well.
    Is there any way out to approach h’ble Judiciary in order to redress our grievances.

    1. The recruitment rules in MP are different from central departments. Central departments require b.pharma degree or pharmacy diploma with 2 years experience. Diploma without experience can also get 2800 grade pay. Right way to achieve this is that the MP state pharmacist associations unite and lobby for the cause. Like they did in Uttrakhand. If needed recruitment rules will be changed first.

      If other posts in state with equivalent recruitment rules as pharmacists i.e other paramedical diploma courses or nursing courses, are getting higher salary in the state then you can approach court or tribunal. But you cannot approach on basis of central government grade pay. As all states have different income levels and living standards.

      Also please note you should fight for cadre too. Because if MP pharmacists do not have cadre you will not get promoted reasonably. Cadre case can be taken to court at any grade pay. Like you have grade pay 2400 but no cadre. You can approach court for that.

      Before approaching tribunals and courts associations should contact the authorities first, collect proof of communication giving reasonable time. Then if your demands are justified file a case.

  7. What do you think about pharmacists as mid level practitioners as contemplated in newly drafted medical commission bill.

    1. This is good step both in interest of patients and pharmacists. Pharmacists are well qualified for primary healthcare and this provides cost effective access to patients. lets hope final passed bill contains this.

      Only concern is people running medical stores by hiring licenses and also getting diploma certificates without right education. Next step of government should be to curb these loopholes then only actual pharmacists community will get opportunities and respect in private sector.

      Pharmacists And Nurses To Prescribe Medicines?

  8. In rajsthan now pay grade increases to 4200 ….bt will get this after probation? In 2 year will it be 2800 only?

  9. I am working as permanent pharmacist in new Delhi municipal chance .is there any chance I will get promoted to 4200 gradepay after 2 year.

  10. what is the working condition in jail department for pharmacists. Is it really rigorous or it is perceived to be so.
    if there is no doctor available can pharmacist attend patients in the emergency at odd time in Jail premises.
    If any patient is critical then it is whose responsibility(doctor/pharmacist) to treat/refer the patient(prisoner).
    What is the service conditions for a Jail pharmacist.
    Is it 24 hrs job or only 6 hrs job as in dispensary /civil hospital.

  11. If jail administration asks us to attend the patients at night.
    Will it be responsibility of doctor or pharmacist.
    If doctor is not posted then it’ll be whom to take care of emergencies.
    Kindly explain in detail..

    1. again you have asked question at wrong place instead of topic i created for you. Please take one minute to login and comment at right place.Service-condition-of-pharmacist-in-jail

      Anyways .. were you trained in handling emergencies in pharmacy college? no
      then why are you worried. Pharmacists only have responsibility to give medicines after checking prescription and counsel patient about same.

      jail administration will post a doctor or call ambulance or hospital.

      Join the job, you can leave a job if you don’t like it. Do not worry much. Good luck

  12. Some one asked salaray of sw railway contract pharmacist. Comments of 9 September Sunday got deleted because we were updating pharmgang. This won’t happen in future.

    Mostly the Salary in regional railways for fresher contract pharmacist is only around 12000.

    You can find exact salary in the advertisment to which you applied.

  13. Hey hii ,
    Recently I joined as pharmacist in government hospital. I have grade pay 2800 level 5, after probation of 2yrs I’ll be on 4200. How much time will it take to get promoted to 4600, 4800 and 5400 respt. Is it after every 2 years?. I did m.pharm, will it be beneficial for promotion??
    Thanks in advance

    1. Which department you are working in. Next promotion will be after 10 years to the grade pay of 4600 and not in 2 years. It takes so much time because there is no cadre currently for pharmacists. Efforts are going on and in mid term future you can hope for cadre and quicker promotions.
      yes once cadre is created in your department you will benefit from m. pharm. Because promotions will be based on both, years of service and qualification .

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