Promotion Nomenclature Applied for Pharmacist in CGHS

Till now central government pharmacist used to be posted as pharmacist and retire as pharmacist.
Now CGHS has taken a initiative by designating pharmacist with different post titles with MACP promotions.
The change in Post name is change in post name only, and is not an proper cadre system. This post name change do not grant any additional financial benefit or any change in work nature.
1. Pharmacist Entry grade  2800 – Initial Appointment
2. senior pharmacist 4200 – On two year completion in entry grade
3. Pharmacy officer  4600 – to be granted on completion of 10 year of service from date of senior pharmacist
4. Senior Pharmacy officer 4800  – to be granted on completion of 10 year of service from date of Pharmacy Officer

10 thoughts on “Promotion Nomenclature Applied for Pharmacist in CGHS”

    1. Yes various pharmacists organisations are demanding this, and entry grade pay of 4600 or 4800 forpharmacits . This will happen in in mid term future because demands are valid on logical, ethical and legal grounds.

  1. Second promotion of pharmacist should be known as pharmacy officer in a grade pay of 5400 R’s and third as chief Pharmacist in 6600, as this grade is recently given to nursing staff..

  2. I have completed my probation period in central govt hospital but till know I haven’t got any pramotion .

  3. Pharmacist should get 4200 grade pay at entry point and than 4600 after 2 years . And than 5400 grade pay.. and after 20 years of service 6600 grade pay.. abi to kuch salary nhi h and kaam sbse jyda h…

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