Salary After B.Pharm And Scope of B. Pharmacy In India

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In this post we will discuss scope of Bachelor of Pharmacy Or B. Pharm in India. B.Pharma is a four year undergraduate course. To take admission in this course one should pass 10+2 in science stream with PCB or PCM  . Some states conduct entrance examinations for admission to B.pharm course.Before admission It is advised to check if the B. Pharmacy college is approved by AICTE and PCI.

Scope of pharmacy In India after bachelor degree is varied.  In India scope after Bpharm  and Job Opportunties after B.pharm can be explained under four heads.

The image below is indicative of starting salaries in various pharma sectors.


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After and some Job experience one can apply for Drug Inspector and Pharmacist government Jobs exams. B.pharm graduates are also eligible for SSC, UPSC, State PSC and bank jobs etc like other graduates.

Drug Inspector: 

Drug Inspector is an lucrative career option. This post is associated with good earning and reputation. State Governments, SSC and UPSC recruit drug Inspectors from time to time. Method of selection vary. As per some drug Inspector notification recruitment is done after an competitive exam, sometimes recruitment is done on basis of direct merit of marks obtained in degree and 10 + 2.

As per some drug inspector notifications about couple of years experience in manufacturing or testing of Schedule C drugs is also required.

See here:  Eligibility And Qualification For Drug Inspector In India

Salary of Drug Inspector: Gross Starting Salary for drug Inspector range from about 55000 to 65000 Indian Rupees per month. There are annual increments. Inflation adjusted dearness allowance is increased time to time.


Pharmacist Employed on permanent basis in Central Government Hospitals like ESIC and AIIMS, Railways, and States Like Delhi withdraw respectable Salary. However pharmacists working in most state governments and also contract workers get much lesser . Sometime pharmacist working on contract are made permanent but usually permanent recruitment is done on basis of competitive exams.

Eligibility for Government Pharmacist Job is Diploma in Pharmacy or Bachelors in Pharmacy . Registration as pharmacist in Pharmacy Council of state is required. Usually as per pharmacist recruitment notifications, couple of years experience in dispensing is required. Pharmacist Job Profile include Dispensing drugs as per prescription and Maintaining store records and Inventory.

Salary of Government Pharmacist: Starting Salary for Pharmacist in Central Government Hospitals located all over India, Railway and Delhi Pharmacists is about 45000 per month for first two years and about 56000 per month after two years. There are annual increments. Inflation adjusted dearness allowance is increased time to time. For some states governments health programmes, and for contract pharmacist salary could be as low as 12000 to 35000 range per month .

Vacancy for drug inspector in each state and pharmacist in cghs, esic etc are not announced regularly each year. Sometimes need to wait years. So it is advised to apply for as many states and departments as possible. And holding private job with preparation.


SSC, UPSC, State PSC and bank jobs:

If you have good knowledge in pharmacy subjects, qualifying for Pharmacist job in good government department may be comparatively easier. However vacancies for Pharmacists and Drug Inspector don’t come regularly and recruitment process may take long time.
If you like to make your career in the government sector, pharmacy graduates can give entrance exams for Bank PO, SSC, State PSC and Civil services exams as well, thus widening the opportunities.

For Government Jobs In pharma Sector visit Category: Government Pharmacy Jobs


Salary for B .Pharm are generally good in government sector, However M.pharm or MBA from reputed institute is better option for private sector.

Scope and Salary after M. Pharm and MS Pharm

In private sector Jobs are available In Pharmaceutical Marketing, Production, Quality Control, Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacist, and Medical Underwriting.

Scope in Pharmaceutical Marketing: 

B.Pharmacy freshers are employed in marketing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices as Medical Representatives (MR) . Career growth in marketing depends on the networking ability, knowledge and communication skills. Initially marketing require more physical work due to travel, but as you progress workload may reduce with promotion, also depending on company culture. You can be promoted to assistant manager, area manager, regional manager etc posts.

Salary In Pharmaceutical Marketing: B. Pharm graduates on basis of their skills can get marketing Job in small company or MNC. Starting salary for freshers vary from about 18000 to 35000 Indian rupees per month and some performance based incentives. Salary increases with promotions depending on talent and experience.

Scope In Production/ Manufacturing Sector, Medical Devices and Quality Control

Pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturing Units employ B.Pharm Freshers and experienced persons to look after the daily operations and quality of formulations. In this sector the starting salary is lowest after B.pharm. Growth is usually slow without any higher qualification. However if you are smart, after 4-5 years you can get approved as manufacturing chemist and get good increment. Also shifting job to good company after couple of years experience is good option. You can also pursue some higher education along-with Job.

Salary In Production and quality Control: B. Pharm graduates on basis of their skills and Institute can get employed in small Unit or MNC. Starting salary for freshers vary from about 8000 to 20000 Indian rupees per month depending on company.

Scope In Drug Regulatory Affairs:

Pharmaceutical companies, especially exporters require pharmacy professionals to make regulatory dossiers. Though in this sector Companies prefer to employ M. Pharm. Opportunities are limited but respectable after good experience and knowledge. This field require knowledge of GMP and other regulatory guidelines.

Salary In Regulatory Affairs:
 B. Pharm graduates on basis of their skills and Institute can get employed in small Unit or MNC. Starting salary for freshers vary from about 10000 to 18000 Indian rupees per month. After experience you can shift to company paying higher.

Scope In Medical Underwriting:

This is not traditional field, but is promising. After B.pharm you can start as medical underwriter with small company and after getting necessary experience can shift to company paying good salaries. Job responsibilities could be as medical scribes or medical transcription or medical coder or check insurance related records or write medical related document etc. Knowledge in pharmacology, anatomy and medical terminologies are required to get this job.

Salary In Medical Underwriting: B. Pharm graduates can start with medical underwriting with a small or new or  some good company recruitng freshers as medical underwriters. Starting salary In training period could be as low as 10000 to 12000 or above 15000. But after few months training or an year you can get 20000 plus . With 2 to 3 years experience as medical scribe or transcriptor it is possible to shift to positions giving you about 35000-40000 per month salary.

Retail Pharmacy Scope:

Registered Pharmacists can get job as pharmacists in retail pharmacies. Career growth is not good, but this job will provide you with necessary job experience to apply for government Pharmacist Jobs. It is a good short term option for unemployed.

Salary Of Retail Pharmacist In Private Sector : Starting salary could be as low as 10000 to 20000 per month Indian Rupees. Growth scope is very limited.


Drug store or wholesaler:

A medical shop at good location offer an good income if it is run professionally. Any registered pharmacist can get license to run a medical shop. Wholesale Supplier of medicines to other stores is also an good option if you are able to establish fruitful relations with medical shop owners.

Pharmaceutical company: 

Ambitious persons can set up their own manufacturing facility or can market medicines under their own brand name.


Do you want package of 1 lakh per month or more after your pharmacy degree? This is possible only after higher education from a reputed institute or foreign institute, after some experience.

M.pharm, MBA , MS Pharm from Niper And foreign universities are some of higher education options after b.pharm.

Placement Oriented Certificate Courses:

These skill development courses are best suited to land you with respectable job after you complete training in clinical trials, patents, data analysis etc. Join such course which is conducted by institutes having placement collaboration with companies.

M. Pharm after B. Pharm: 

M. Pharm can be done in pharmaceutics, pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, clinical pharmacology, pharmacognosy, biotechnology, etc After M.Pharm pharmacists gets higher pays in production and quality control etc. You also get additional opportunities like as lecturer, in research, as medical data analyst and in promising field of pharmacovigilance.

Starting Salary After M.pharm: Usually about 12-18 thousand in most small to mid level companies, 20- 30 thousand in big companies and also colleges. Salary and placement depend on reputation of M.pharm institute and skills of graduates. M.pharm from prestigious Institute like NIPER, BITS etc could get placement in good MNC with starting salary 35000 or more for the deserved, and career growth is comparatively better than bachelor degree, some deserving m. pharm could even reach to 1 lakh salary per month in few years.

For Details Visit: Scope Of M.Pharm In India

MBA After B. Pharm: 

After B.Pharm graduates an pursue MBA from reputed institute to get management Jobs in Heath Care and Pharmaceutical Industry. Some universities offer pharma management courses also. If MBA Institute is reputed you will get good package.

Starting Salary after MBA and B.pharm: Again depending upon Institute and skills usually 20000 per month or above. WE need not say for MBA from IIM, NIPER and other foreign reputed institutes average pay will be much higher .


Those who are interested in doing job in pharmaceutical companies in foreign countries can pursue Master of Science in pharmacy and related MS degrees from foreign universities. NIPER in India also provide MS Pharm Course. In India scope OF MS Pharm is similar to M. Pharm

Starting Salary After MS Pharm: Better than M.Pharm in MNC


PHD is suitable to those who are interested in research, and professors jobs in government colleges. After PHD salaries are handsome in reputed companies and government colleges. Though After recession Job opportunities for PHD freshers are reduced like other professions.

Starting Salary After PHD: You could expect starting salary of around 40000 and above in India

LLB after B.pharm:

You can even pursue LLB to become lawyer and specialize in pharmaceutical jurisprudence, intellectual property law, patents, etc.

We will discuss scope of B.pharm abroad in other post.

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  3. Can you please enlight what will be the future scopes of mastering in different branches like pharmacology, medicinal chemistry etc??? Mainly what are the job prospects in different specialization stream….

    1. ok we will write a detailed post on the topic soon. Pharmacology is best, followed by medicinal chemistry, evergreen choices.

      Now among other subject like pharmaceutical analysis and pharmacovigilance it depends. Look out for contacts in companies before you choose one. If you have the reference, you can join good company in starting itself.

      College reputation also matter.

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  9. sir i took admission in PES college of pharmacy for bpharm will i get good jobs in future. others are saying why to join for pharmacy . will pharmacy gives high salary in future

    1. Dear you took admission in PCI approved college. Now your future will depend on you. In every field only deserving people succeed. Pharmacy also do not lack opportunity if you work hard and smart. Create topics on pharmagang fro your doubs and we will be happy to help you make choices.

      At present target to gain respectable marks in first year and second year. Then target master degree in pharmacy or MBA from a good institute. Institute matters for master degree. After that you will have very good scope in private sector in Bangalore.

      Scope and Salary after M. Pharm and MS Pharm

      If you are a good student, GPAT and then top 10 college like NIPER for M pharm should be your target.

      Top 50 Pharmacy Colleges In India, NIRF Rankings 2017

    1. We have discussed these in bits in scope.of b.pharm and m.pharm. However on your suggestion we will write a detailed post soon.
      For time being we like to add that for novel fields mpharm pharmacology from good college is best .
      If you already joined other branch. Make sure to do certificate courses in clinical trials, medical underwriting and drug safety.
      Rest will be shared in new post within a week or so.
      Will provide you the link here.

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